The important aspect of today’s application development is to align the marketing strategies to the technology.As you may be aware, that many of the brands have taken leap from websites to mobile applications It is not surprising as the mobile apps brings closer to audience and reach numerous people globally. However, to make the mobile app development a big success, the business must take the right selection of framework. This will help in determining the technologies, databases, and also the platform over which it is constructed

In this article, we will be looking at various app development frameworks recommended by the Mobile app development companies in 2020. The listed are the most reliable frameworks that have a history of building successful applications.

  1. Ionic Development Framework In the field of application development Ionic Framework took the business one-step forward. The app developers are falling in love with it for the primary reason that they by default contain numerous UI elements. This will include forms, filters, tab bars, navigation menu, active sheets, and more. This will help enhance the UI elements, and the developer can concentrate entirely on the backend part of the application.

    Advantage of Ionic Framework
    - Easily adaptable
    - Good User Interface
    - Cross-platform app development
    - Great performance
    - Affordable costing
  2. PhoneGap PhoneGap is one of the cross-platform mobile app development frameworks. It is also known as Apache Cordova by the developers. One can create multiple versions of application with PhoneGap as the framework runs only on single base code. The highlight of using the PhoneGap framework is that it comes with built-in features, which include GPS, Camera, Accelerometers, and much more.

    Advantage of PhoneGap
    - Release uniform products in cross platforms
    - Every app functions like a native app
    - High backend support
    - Easy to work Plugins
  3. Xamarin Xamarin is one of the intelligent frameworks to build any application. Developers can even use C# for constructing this application in iOS, Android, and also for Windows. They are one other reliable tool that offers flexible native performance. It is backed with Microsoft technology, and more than 1.4 Million developers are utilizing it in the community. With the brilliant user interface, they help to build the native application with easy. Thus the developers can control the application according to the user experience.

    Advantage of Xamarin
    - An easy API integration
    - Perfect choice for building Native application
    - Compiled code for the developers
    - Shared codebase
    - Official community and forum support
  4. Corona SDKWhen it comes to the significant functioning of the application, the Corona SDK helps in developing the codebase. It functions amazingly with all platforms such as Android, iOS, and also Nook. The features of Corona SDK help the business to improve the interactivity with the delightful graphics. From the development scales, it helps in scaling the content automatically. Thus, it can feature content across devices.

    Advantage of Corona SDK Framework
    - Design-oriented application
    - Quicker monetization possible
    - Gaming API easily integrated
    - Single codebase
    - Right to source code
  5. Larvel PHPLarvel PHP has become one of the recent favorites for many mobile development companies. They help you construct a fantastic application in multiple devices in a short period. The primary reason why developers are intended towards Larvel PHP is that the platform offers features similar to the web development itself, which makes the process easier. The user interface is robust and evens the brand, and the organization can participate while developing the application. The framework comes with profiling and debugs options; thus, it’s easy to configure the device easily while testing.

    Advantage of Larvel PHP
    - Integration of mail services
    - Automated testing work
    - Fixing the technical vulnerabilities
    - Combination of Tools for Web applications
    - Authentication systems available
  6. Flutter Flutter is one of the software development kits for the mobile app. It was introduced by the house of Google, which made the businesses attract to them. The most important advantage of having the flutter framework is that they offer faster coding compared to any other frameworks available. The application can be constructed using a single code base for both Android and iOS. You can use Flutter to develop responsive mobile apps that help in hooking the audience in a shorter period.

    Advantage of Flutter
    - Tools readily available for Android and Visual studio
    - Improves performances relatively
    - Good documentation methods available by default
    - Support for Windows development
    - The global accessibility of tools
  7. React Native As you know, from startups to the top corporates, everyone has React Native as a go-to-option. They are not leaving their positions any time soon. React native development allows the people to develop mobile that are high performing. Importantly one can construct the application in a very shorter time. The deployment time has made them famous among the businesses as well. The complexity in developing the application using Reactive Native is lesser. It is also found that the developers most preferably learn the framework. It provides excellent animations, and you can see them from native views even before rendering.
    Facebook initially developed the reactive native for all the user-centric mobile applications. It was initially working only on iOS, while now they are available for cross platforms. The efficiency with this framework is high, and it can benefit the business in a lot many ways.

    Advantage of React Native
    - Offer simple user interface
    - The large community of Developers
    - Supports numerous plugins
    - Reusability of codes - Optimal performance

That’s on the mobile application development we have seen above. These are trending in 2020, and almost all the businesses have preferred one or other frameworks. The article was to throw the light on different features that are available with each of them. Therefore do not consider them as a ranking. If you want your app to be unique, then look for the mobile application development company that is updating and staying with the trends of technology.